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Is Your System Energy Efficient?

Furnace Repair Services by Mich-Tech One

Furnace Repair is a specialty of Mich-Tech One. An ideal home is one with a good heating system especially those in colder areas. With a well-functioning heating system, families can live comfortably in their home without worrying about the cold weather outside. It is therefore advised that an efficient and cost-effective heating system be used in homes to keep families warm when necessary.

Heating consumes the largest amount energy in most homes, normally accounting for 35 to 50 percent of yearly energy bills in colder areas of the U.S. But there are ways to minimize heating energy use to save money and to help preserve the environment. The most important initial step is to choose an appropriate heating system with the help of skilled technicians. Start by requesting a home evaluation and heat loss estimation. Once this is done, you will get the necessary recommendations suited for your home. 

A home heating system consists mainly of furnaces or structures where heat is generated and is fueled either by oil, gas or electricity. There are different kinds of heating systems – steam, hot water, forced warm air and electric. Their common feature is the thermostat or the control which signals a need for heat. When heat is needed, the thermostat turns on the heat producer which then warms the transfer medium either air, water or steam in the furnace or boiler. The heated air produced then goes through ducts while heated water or steam goes through pipes before moving on to the heat distributors in the living rooms.

Furnace Replacement Services by Mich-Tech One

Do I need a furnace replacement? Continuing advancements in home heating technologies provides today's homeowner with many different options. High efficiency furnace models might be the perfect for one homeowners needing to replace and older furnace, but might not be a good option for another homeowner with a more modern heating system. The home heating experts at Mich-Tech One can evaluate your current furnace and make educated recommendations for a more efficient furnace system. Furnace replacement is not always an easy decision to make. Get expert furnace replacement advise from a Mich-Tech One furnace expert first.

See our Home Heating Page for options in heating your home efficiently. 

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