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Is Your System Energy Efficient?

Hot Water Heat / Boiler Repair & Replacement

custom glass shower enclosuresBoiler heating systems are quite common in residential homes and commercial buildings. Although heating homes and businesses with hot water is a technology that has been around since the mid 1940s, hot water heating systems still prove to be a very energy efficient means of heating your home. Energy efficient or not, boilers don’t just run on their own and can be a very touchy piece of heating equipment to maintain. It is important to have regular maintenance so any potential problems can be resolved before they grow into a costly boiler repair.

Boilers are often the heating systems of choice because they have the capacity to heat large spaces more efficiently and cost effectively than other forms of energy. Because of their efficiency, boilers often make even the coldest and draftiest homes nice and warm in the winter months. Mich-Tech One specializes in maintaining and repairing the boiler heating system in your house. We even offer a Seasonal Maintenance Program to ensure your boiler will run efficiently and heat your home or business effectively.

Hydronic Baseboard Heating System Repair

custom glass shower enclosuresHydronic Baseboard Heating is a method of heating the home using heated water. Hydronic baseboard heating has been used to heat homes since around the 1940s, and it is lighter and easier to install than radiator heating. Hydronic baseboard heating can be easily separated into multiple heating zones, which helps save on heating costs. Two pipes are usually required to create a hydronic baseboard heating system - one to run hot water to the baseboard and one to return water to the boiler for re-heating.

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